SOLD WTS Female Ganker Unused 6.2m

HI. For real world changes the next months i will be playing fewer and not case to have some accounts in omega.

Selling Myself

Basically a Ganker, good sub weapons, can use tornado, and other things

  • svipul
  • destroyer minmatar V
  • frigate gallente and minmatar V
  • t2 weapons.

Is in high sec, not in a corp, i pay transfer. Because i go to work, can transfer today night, or probably tomorrow.

Answer the thread, dont reading eve mail.

Friday Bump

1.5b offer

i only can say lol.

You want closer to 2b what your price range for the char?

Please dont waste my time. A transfer cost that. Is better extract and sell the injectors and hold the char, than sold and waste 20 bucks and loss the char.

The price is 3.7 and is fair because 5m chars are at 3.

I’ll think about it

I ll pay 3B for fast trade

No thanks. I can get the same using the extractors and sell as is.

its free Bump then, o7

How about 3.4B or you can extract 1 from it? I need 1 more alt to play around. Thanks

Let be clear.

Now the character is 6.2m and i sell as 3.7

I can sell at 3.4 but using at extractor will be 5.7m . I can do that.

Because the training she have, i only have two options, extract gallente frigate or minmatar frigate and a bit of drone interfacing.

I am in work now and stay in house in five hours aprox.

ifg u want a trade, sent me the 3.4b, the account name, and as soon as i stay in house extract gallente or minmatar and deliver.

Thank you for your time, Have a good day! Stay safe!

I’ll give you 4 bil for it

Accepted. Sent the isk and account name, and i deliver when the downtime is over

Ok it will be a little before I get on

understand, answer the threadwhen you sent the isk ans account.

Will do thank you

Everything is sent

Ok i check in a minute.