SOLD WTS Female FW ganker Stealth Bomber with t2 torpedoes and 1m unalloc 11m

Hi, sale in a private sale other toon and now this is the only char in the account, i wann sell her

  • amarr frigate V
  • covops V
  • light missile V near to finish, less than a day.

is in guigh sec, no killing rights positiv wallet, all ccp rules apply.

if interested answer rthe thread.

Price :

11 extractors = 3.7 (near 12, round to 4)

initialk points 5m = 3

buyout 6.5

Offer 5.5 bil

six b and is a deal

Sorry i guess it is too much,
My offer 5.5

ok accepted, send the isk aand the account , and i deliver when i go to home in 6 hours

I sent a deposit of 2 bil. I will transfer the remaining 3.5 bil no later than 24 hours!
Sorry for this delay. I hope this won’t be a problem for you!

No problem. Please answer the thread where you sent the other 3.5b isk.

i am in harerget now, where you want receive the character ?

Hello, I sent the missing part of the isk.
the location of the character is not important
once again I apologize for the delay.

transfer done please update thethread when you receive the CCP real world email.

email with Character Transfer Received

character received, thanks

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