WTS 5.1Mill Gallente scanner/ interceptor character


Gallente Frigate V
Cybernetics V
Covops IV
Semi-decent scanning skills

-In Perimeter
-1 Jump clone in High sec
-NPC corp
-Postive wallet
-No Kill Rights
-No bonus remaps but has a yearly remap available

Asking 4.5B
Will be transferred with irl monies

Offer withdrawn. Pretty good toon still :slight_smile: Just got confused and thought I saw Astrometrics V.


if i am around to transfer isk now, would you take 3.5B for this toon?

Too low sorry.


Alright I will take 3.8B. Send the isk and the account name via eve mail and ill transfer the character.

Isk & mail sent.

Transferring now

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