Good starter PvP/PvE toon (Price check, possible sale)

Looking for a decent price on that toon. almost 5m sp + 250.000 free.
Good starting skills.

  • Gallente Destroyer V
  • Small Hubrid Turrents V
  • Cybernetics IV
  • Gallenete Tactical Destroyer - IV
  • Heavy Drones/ Interfacing/ Gallente cruiser - IV

If somebody will be interested in it I will move it to NPC corp before sale (don’t want to ruin my ME researching untill deal).
No kill rights
I pay the transfer fee

4b b/o

Noted, but I prefer to wait. Do not want to sell it lower than 4.5b honestly

I’d do 4.5b for a quick sale

Deal. I stop my me work and leave the corp now

sending isk and account details

Did you receive mail?

not yet, will give it a few minutes

got it, thank you!

thank you too !!!

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