WTS 105 M SP Caldari/Gallente, Dread/Carrier Pilot

WTS a Capital Powerhouse


  • Both Caldari and Gallente Carrier and Dreadnought at Lvl 5. Tactical Weapons Recongifuration also at Lvl 5. Fighters and Fighter Hangar Management at Lvl 5.
  • Capable of using Force Auxillaries with Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration and Remote Armor/Shield Systems at Lvl 4
  • Also capable of using Supercarriers: Nyx and Wyvern to their full potential with Heavy Fighters at Lvl 4.
  • All Armor/Shield Compensations at Lvl 5 except Explosive Shield Compensation which is at Lvl 4.
  • Gallente Jump Freighter

Looking no less than 110 B Buyout and I know this character is worth 115 B+ due to the Skill Extractor sale. Otherwise, I’d continue to keep using the character.

Mail me if you’re interested in buying.

No killrights
Sec Status 4.1
Remap available x 1
3 jump clone
Wallet balance is under 100kk
The character is in Amarr

skillboard link does not work

Fixed. Thanks~

84bil buy out. isk in hand

Again, this toon is not up for Skill Extraction offers. Wouldn’t even consider a bid below 105 B.
Thank you for the free bump.


Bumping up

Would you take 102 Billion?

I’ll wait to see what other offers I can get but if you can meet me at 110 or close enough to make me go ‘okay’, that would be a deal

I can do 108 Billion. Trying to keep a few bill in reserve to buy the carrier to go with her!

Alright, I accept the offer but I’m eating right now, so I’ll contact you in 30-60 minutes

Wonderful, thank you.

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Send ISK and account info

ISK and Account Info Sent.

Character Transferred

Thank you!

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How do I close this? Sale is complete.

It’ll close after three months by itself. No problem here just leaving it like that.

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