WTB 55m+ Character

WTB 55m+ Character, preferable a Super Pilot

How about this?


102mill sp

Just check flyable ships and skills

85 bill no offers

intrested but not at the price range u r asking, can do 88

intrested but can do 79b

No sorry I can go to 84 bill only. The skills injected and the clones are worth the extra for what im asking.

Then no deal I guess. Sorry.

Ok no problem.

can we settle at 82b?

83bill I could, thats 2 bill less than I really wanted.

can u send me a msg with the clones that u have and if there are available remaps ?

Ok loging in now

Mail sent

if u have a full armor super clone deal, if not 82b is all I can offer

82.5b offer

Sale cancelled

isk send, please start the transfer in 10H from now and on

Ok isk and account name received ill start the transfer, as requested, in 10 hours.

Isk has been sent back to the character that sent it me in game. Sorry im not happy with the price so within my rights to cancel. I apologise for the inconvenience.

pacta sunt servanda, but too late for that.

how much do you want to be happy?

Im sorry if I have annoyed you and im sticking to the 85bil to be 100% happy.