Character SOLD

WTS myself, got Amarr dread V, JDC 5 T2 guns and ready to go, also able to fly t2 transport ships and ishtars.

start bid:35b
character sheet
it is positive wallet and in NPC corp, the character sheet didn’t update corp informations I don’t know why…

32b offer

nope sorry too low

33bil offer

sorry min is 35b

Ok, 35b

ok Ill wait for 24 hours to see if there is higher bid, if not it is yours

Ok. I’m waiting

Thread reopened.

36 b offer

I raise it to 37bil

37.5 b

So the current bid is by @Francessca 37.5, There are 12 hours lefts, and if no higher bids it is yours.

Raise it to 38bil

39b offer

39.5bil offer

ok 3 hours left, @Al_Tisnot is the current highest bid :slight_smile:

@Al_Tisnot Hi, you are the winner of the bid! send in-game to “Yogg Saronn” the isk and a message including the account name that you want me to transfer this character to.