WTS 19.8m SP (still increasing) Focused Amarr Dread pilot

  • T2 siege
  • T2 turret

Wallet is positive
Located in high sec
In NPC Corp
Skillboard: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Canni_Naari

Start Bid: 23B
Buyout: 26B

Bump …

23b :crazy_face:

Only one bump per day is allowed. Read character bazaar rules.

my apologize…

ty for bidding…but i am still wondering if there would be a higher bidding in the next few days.

6500plex B/O bro :grinning:

sorry bro, only isk; it’s one of the character bazaar rules

24 bil

Ty for bidding; i wanna wait for one more day

Shall we reach a compromise at a price of 25 bil?

wanna buyout with 25b?

Yes I bid 25bil

well, i have to say

wanna pay and transfer now?

I will pay in 3 hour cause im at work

No problem
i may not be able to reply you immediately later, for i am gonna hang out with my friends
Sorry for that:sweat_smile:

Thats ok, and i also needs time to prepare isk for the transfer

Isk and acc name sent,available slot confirmed.And shall i know you will do the transfer by plex or by cash?

ISK received
I will do by cash
( i can also do that by plex? i don’t know that. i prefer plex than cash if it is ok to pay for the transfer fee with plex)