*sold* Plz delete

(Tha Messiah) #1

I am up for sale:

31.5M SP
Amarr Dread IV
T2 Siege
T2 Capital Beam/Pulse
1 Remap available

Eveboard link: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Tha_Messiah

Make me an offer

(Twitchy Mayaki) #2

27b b_o

(Fetouros Kousou) #3


(Tha Messiah) #4

Nice offers, but let`s see if theres coming more :slight_smile:

(Tha Messiah) #5

This Sell will run until tomorrow 18 UTC. Highest bidder will win.

(Tha Messiah) #6

Twitchy you won send acc infos and isk and transfer will start tomorrow

(Tha Messiah) #7

No reaction from buyer till now, sell open again.

(Fetouros Kousou) #8

Maybe you will not rush with selling and will wait until Cap Pulse Laser Spec IV and Amarr Dread V and then you will open the thread again…

(Gattanera) #9

23 bil

(TxivYawg1) #10

24 bil

(Kimberlay Tartine) #11

24.5 bil

(Boss Moennan) #12

27 bil, same as you agreed upon

(Leilani Solaris) #13


(Boss Moennan) #14

28 bil

(Tha Messiah) #15

Thank you all for your offers. This sell will end again at Friday, 13th on 18 UTC.

(Sulaya Sevana) #16


(Jasmina Ruski) #17

29 B B/O now

(Sulaya Sevana) #18


(Tha Messiah) #19

Sulaya you won. Send ISK and Acc Info and Char will be transferred.

(Jasmina Ruski) #20

30 B buyout