Character SOLD


Wondering what this character would be worth for someone.

Im not the original owner… positive wallet and sec stat. Still in corp but will do the mandatory things if I see juicy price.

Amarr carrier 5 heavy fighters 4, amarr and gallente dread 4… t2 siege. capital turret 5 coming.

Probably in the ballpark of 70-80B, with a little luck you will find someone that pays extra for date of birth.

70 bil

72 bil

73 bil

73.5 bil


Im accepting the 73,5b b/o offer

I have positive wallet, no killrights, character located in amarr and is in npc corporation.

Character has 2 jumpclones in domain low sec area. (skirmish link and some others as extra)

god dammit was about to offer 74 lol

Well according to the rules I can change my mind as long as the transaction is not complete… so if you there after DT we can do business

also Im in need of isk so =)

Ok we have new buyout with 74b … if no better offer come in 12 hour character is sold

Isk and eve mail sent

ISK received and character transfer done…

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