SOLD 43m SP "mostly" Caldari PvE Pilot

Selling this 10yo pilot. This character has mostly been involved in and skilled for PvE and HS War Dec fights. Most skills are in Caldari ships with a concentration on Missiles and Shields. As this was a general pilot, nothing is specialised but it makes a great lvl4 mission pilot.

Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
No Clones
Located @ Amarr trade hub

Skillboard is not working for me so I’m using an equivalent site:

  • Can fly most Caldari and Gallente Sub Caps (including many tech2 and tech3, and Marauders)
  • Skilled in a reasonable range of non empire ships
  • Skills in PI, Scanning, Drones, Armor, Navigation, Targeting, and Trade are reasonable and workable.
  • Magic 14 Complete
  • Security Status 3.1
  • 2 Neural Remaps available (Currently focused on Mem & Int)

Positive Standing with Caldari (3.82) and Amarr (3.94) empires. Negative Standing with Gallente (-1.6) and Minmatar (-2.99)
Other Standings available through the char.tools4eve link above.

I am not sure on the exact value of this pilot but I am estimating about 25-30b

All CCP Rules apply

23B offer

For the sake of getting this out of the way, that’s close enough for me.

I accept the 23b offer from Ann co and will await payment, character is ready to go and the transfer can commence as soon as payment is recieved.

24 bil

As I have accepted the 23b offer from Ann co, I will give Ann co the opportunity to complete this transaction. I will consider other offers if nothing is heard from Ann co in the next 24 hours.

Thank you for your commitment, I am willing to pay 24 billion, now I will send ISK.

isk sent,wait char

Payment recieved from Ann co.

Character transfer will commence shortly.

Character transfer initiated, should be all yours in about 10 hours. Hope you enjoy it!

thank you

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