WTS Gallente / Caldari pilot 46.4mil sp

Hi im putting up myself for sale
All ccp rules apply.
She will recive the isk
no kill rights for or against
positive wallet
starting bid 35b
its running until today the 3. of june until 13:00 evetime highest bid at this time gets it

i will pay for transfer, she has positive sec status, no assets worth anything. located in Jita.
is in NPC corp, dosent show on link yet but she is.
she has 2 jumpclones bouth in highsec, no implants, and the current aktive has: slot 1-4 +4
some cap and sheild augments.



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starting bid at 35b

35b offer

noted thanks

not exactly what I want, but injector could help :slight_smile:

交易能延迟的明天么 我 需要准备下ISK

place a bid

我出 38B

bid noted, if no one higher tomorrow you can have it

39b as my last bid

noted thanks

40B 明天 可以交易 我要下班才行

EVE 时间 13.00 以后 我才下班

41B for the toon

bid noted so far you are highest bidder, ill let it run until midday tommorow

42B 最后报价