SOLD WTS Caldari/Gallente cap pilot

WTS a capital pilot - lvl 5 caldari dread and carrier and lvl 4 gallente carrier and dread - pushing to lvl 5 for gallente

I cannot really pinpoint this character to a certain value - so I am open for your suggestions re the purchase price and will decide within 7 days on whether to sell the char based on the bids

No killrights
1 jump clone
Wallet balance is under 100kk
The character is in Amarr

75bil buy out.

still selling

78B offer

80b offer


84.5b offered

upping my bid to 86.5 bil bo

87 B. Isk ready

Thank you, I will give it about a day more given the resurged interest in me and will proceed with the highest bidder.

Thanks, offer accepted, please send the ISK to the character and account details for the transfer

Isk and account info sent. Waiting for confirmation.

isk received, transfer intiated, please confirm upon receipt of the char

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Received character. Thanks.

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