WTS 96.7m+ Gallente Capital Pilot

Eliotan - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Eliotan
WTS Gallente Pilot, more experienced to fly Nyx & Moros. Can Fly Jump Freighter. 17 days to Erebus. Also, I did a cross-trained to Caldari since the start so it has missiles skills. It also has skills to fly all capital dreadnought and not too far from other carriers too.

Planning to inject around 4mill more skill points for armor skills and others. You can later train the character as you seem fit.

Located in High Sec, 1 jump clone to null-sec, No Kill Rights, No Wallet Balance.

Starting Bid 90B or 120B/O
Mail me InGame for Offer Too


daily bump


90B offer

i pm you ingame

bump. character in negotiation


daily bumb. Character at 96.6m sp now

bump. still for sale