Eliotan -
WTS Gallente Pilot, more experienced to fly Nyx & Moros. Can Fly Jump Freighter. 17 days to Erebus. Also, I did a cross-trained to Caldari since the start so it has missiles skills. It also has skills to fly all capital dreadnought and not too far from other carriers too.
98M SP with unallocated sp of 445k.
Located in High Sec, 1 jump clone to null-sec, No Kill Rights, No Wallet Balance.

Starting Bid 75B or 100B/O
Mail me InGame for Offer Too


daily b

daily b

daily b

uh ive got 100m isk

oh 100m thats a lot

best i can do

no thanks

daily bu

daily bum


65b bo

no sp extract offers plz, 75b minimum 100bo


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