WTB Gallente Faction LVL5 Mission puller

WTB Toon with 7.0+ standings to Gallente Federation.

Interceptor and cyno skills are perferred but the standings are all that is mandatory.

Hi there, Im able for Federation Navy lvl 5´s (7.02 Standing). Gallente Ceptor can be allocated with Unallocated Skills ( 502k ). Can fly Rattlesnake and Bombers already.
Just curious how much this would be worth :slight_smile:

I would offer you 10b… That’s ok for you?

No sorry, that would be way under my pain limit

and what’s your asking price?

well I was thinking about 14-15 Billion for this Character, I know its way over the extraction price but its very well-trained and the standings took some work to get.

ok, I would pay 14b

Ok , that’s a fair price I believe, even tho I will miss her :stuck_out_tongue:

You can send ISK and Infos to Cordon Black. I can initiate the Transfer in about half an hour.

ISK and the informations are out… THX for the deal!

Character Transfer initiated :slight_smile: Thank you for the deal. Fly safe o/

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