WTS 52m SP Gallente alt char, mining, boosting, looting

(Digifreee) #1

I’d like to sell my toon I used for a lot of utility stuff in Nullsec.
He has good mining skills, perfect salvaging skills and cyno to 5 of course.
Boosting skills are maxed (yes, all 5) and the necessary t3/command ship skills are to 5 too.
He can easily be trained into a perfect Rorqual and/or JF pilot.

But check it out yourself on eveboard: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Digifreee
Passwort is “freeit”

The char currently sits in Sendaya, with no kill rights or any special or bad reputation.

Starting bid is 35b
Bouyout is 45b

(Streitwartt) #2

35 bill

(TxivYawg1) #3


(Maizie Fields) #4

39 bil

(Digifreee) #5

Easy bumb - keep bidding guys :slight_smile:

(Gattanera) #6

I can offer 40b

(Digifreee) #7

Well, another bumb. We let it go a little bit more longer :slight_smile:

(Maizie Fields) #8

40.5 billion

(Digifreee) #9

We’re getting there slowly :wink:


(Digifreee) #10

Another bump, going to reach the end I guess =)

(Maizie Fields) #11

Wanna get it done right now for 41b?

(Digifreee) #12

Oh sorry, haven’t seen that post right away. We can do it anytime now :slight_smile:

Please send me the information where to transfer it and stuff.

I open up a ticket for the PLEX transfer.

(Digifreee) #13

@Maizie_Fields so, are you still in?

(Maizie Fields) #14

Ah, sorry, I missed your reply. I’m still in for 41 bil, will send ISK and account info now…

Edit: ISK and account info has been sent!

(Digifreee) #15

@Maizie_Fields hehe, guess we’re even with missing the posts then.

Recieved the ISK and opened a ticket for character transfer. Should be done soon :slight_smile:

(Digifreee) #16

transfer is complete, should be done within the time CCP needs etc.

Have fun with “me” and fly safe


(system) #17

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