WTS 8.6m SP extracted character, born 2011

I want to sell myself - http://eveboard.com/pilot/Digital_Messiah
Located in Jita 4-4.
Date of Birth 2011-05-13
R / B / A: Gallente / Gallente / Miners
Skill points: 8,653,450
Security Status 4.89
High standings for Minmatar - lvl5 missions for Rep. Fleet and Mining Corp, also for Gallente Federation.
No assets.
No JC’s.
No bonus remaps, only 1 standard remap available.
In a NPC corp.

Taking your bid’s. Will sell myself to a highest bidder.

Thank you.

5.5b offered

6b offered

6.5b online now

7b offered

bump \0/

bump \0/

7b bid accepted, waiting for isk transfer and account name.

as soon as i can login in game :slight_smile:

ISK an account name sent

ISK recieved.

Character Transfer Initiated

Dear *****,

You have chosen to transfer the character Digital Messiah to the account named *****

Thank you, fly safe and have fun! 0/

Thanks a lot !

Nothing personal to anyone here but I have to say…OMG the inflation in toon prices. Since the injectors/extractors have come out inflation has become endemic in EVE.

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