WTS 36m SP Toons - SOLD

I am for sale, 36M Skill Points @ 35B (ONO)

BR/DST Transport - caldari / Gallente / Minmatar
Marauders Pilot - Golem
Augmentation: Basic Implants plug-in
Faction Standings - SOE & Gallente = 7 ( Can run L5 missions for Gallente)
I am in a NPC Corp, and currently docked in Jita

Positive Wallet Balance
No Kill rights
No jump clones
I am currently in HS, in Jita


Peculiar skill sheet… missing lots of intermediary skills to 5… how many remaps and what is your current attribute mapping?

Missing lvl 5 skills, need a lot of work before i’m able to use it.

2 Bonus remaps available.
Perception - 24
Memory - 20
Willpower - 20
Intelligence - 30
Charisma - 20

Sorry to hear that. True, needs lots of work, but I made her so that she can fly golem and then do her own hauling services.

how much?

30B is the minimum

Daily bump

Needs a ton of injection but I can offer 25b.

If no more interested party till this Friday, then she’s yours… If you are willing to wait though. :slight_smile:

Daily bump…

@Sistar_Prostei … as promised, I am yours if you still interested. Transfer isk and evemail me your account name.

25.5b BO offer - can send right away

Ok then… I am all yours… send ISK and character name (send evemail also)

Isk and evemail sent, please let me know once transfer is initiated.

Isk received and character transfer in-progress… Pls acknowledge receipt later…

Thanks for the business… enjoy … :slight_smile:

Thankyou very much, I can see it has started, will confirm receipt later.

Received, thankyou.

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