SOLD WTS Caldari 5m female toon

Hi, i go to leave the game for a time and selling somne of my characters currently not in use, alreadly leave the corp

4,372,374 SP allocated + (648,500 Unallocated SP) = 5.02m sp

Was used mainly to do abyssls with punisher but have decent skills, cybernetic IV

Small Energy Turret V
CPU Management V
Power Grid Management V
Hull Upgrades V
Mechanics V
Gunnery V
Navigation IV

I am in jita area, no killing rights, positive wallet i pay transfer , if interested answer here, not reading thread

hi 2.5boffer

3b offer

3.1 and is yours, i am the same seller

I accept 3.1b

isk and account sent

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Deal accepted and account / isk received, Please confirm here when you receive the eve mail or the pilot.

Edit : transfer done