WTS or Trade 159m SP

Selling my self for 143.1 b

Trading option: Buy me the extractors needed for all SPs and I will return 50% as Large Skill Injectors.

No Bounty / Kill rights
Positive wallet
Parked in High Sec

Just to know I already sold 3 and created the transfers.

I already reported you to support for harassment and offensive accusations without any proof from your side.

I am still… for sale!

120b offer

Hello. Sorry. Offer is way too low.

I calculated only 900m isk / 1m sp. And I have to consider the $20 transfer fee.

Lowest I can go if no other offer comes up it may be 142b.

The highest price I can accept goes to 135b.
If accepted, I can pay for the char right now.

Sorry… I am not greedy but that’s too low.

If you can meet me at 140b (which is low as well) we’ll have a deal and I can initiate transfer now since I am home atm.

OK, deal. Isk and acoount info will be sent right now

Isk and account info sent.

Transfer initiated.

char received, thx

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