WTS or Trade 184m SP

Selling my self for 165.6 b

Trading option: Buy me the extractors needed for all SPs and I will return 50% as Large Skill Injectors.

No Bounty / Kill rights
Positive wallet
Parked in High Sec

@changyejiangzhi I reposted it here, if you are interested.

On all these post just made please add the required disclosures for selling characters.

Also if possible please add some highlights/descriptions for the benefit of others browsing the marketplace. If they are industry, science, PvP focused or dread/carrier/t3c focused etc.

I need to relog in all of them :frowning: but will do! Give me some time :slight_smile: Thank you.
I was away for few years so I forget things.

I am used to when the link was providing all necessary info.

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Looking forward to it. I’m currently looking to buy an industry toon.

Will look through all your listings and see if one fits what I was looking for. WTB Industry Character

I really haven’t logged in for many years… I was asking all day today for info to start posting and I don’t even remember what each one was doing.

I was used to different tools that today are not working or seem to be outdated.

150b offer.

Hello. I am sorry. The offer it’s quite low.

164b is the least I may go if I don’t get a better offer.

If you can buy both toons you expressed interest for - Chaos X13 and MamonSan I can accept 230b (from 239, 85)

160b max i can do

That offer was actually good. See another character that was higher SP at 192m sold for 155b.

Suggest you take Migasy’s offer, I doubt you’ll get higher than that. I won’t go higher than 150.

I see what your saying. Big diff on these 2 accounts is that mine has 32 skills in gunnery while the other one just 2.

If you can meet me at 163b we’ll have a deal.

Otherwise I wanna wait a bit.

ok 163b isk ready

Ok… you can transfer but only tomorrow I will be able to log in game (about 16h from now.)

ISK and ACC name send

Gratz guys. Sad I missed out on this one, good toon. Will keep searching.

Transfer initiated. Thanks.

valindil89 and Migasy because of that j…@s that is accusing me for scam and lies, please provide feedback once the transfer is complete.

Thank you.

I Received the Transver

This image was removed - ISD Kai.