WTS or Trade 165m SP

Selling my self for 148.5 b

Trading option: Buy me the extractors needed for all SPs and I will return 50% as Large Skill Injectors.

No Bounty / Kill rights
Positive wallet
Parked in High Sec

140b offer.

Too low…sorry. 147b I will go for it.

How about an even 145b?

Hm…146 to split the difference… Please.

Sure, I’ll do 146b.

Thanks. You can transfer… I will be able to start the transfer in about 13h

Isk transfered. Account name sent via eve-mail.

Account transfered.

Plus I will report the one that calls me a scammer.

valindil89 because of that j…@s that is accusing me for scam and lies, please provide feedback once the transfer is complete.

Thank you.

Keeping an eye out for the character. Will provide feedback once it comes.

The other 2 were delivered.
I reported him to ccp and they removed his posts.

Now, go buy my other characters :slight_smile:

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Character was delivered. Thanks!