WTS or Trade 63m SP

Selling my self for 56.7 b

Trading option: Buy me the extractors needed for all SPs and I will return 50% as Large Skill Injectors.

No Bounty / Kill rights
Positive wallet
Parked in High Sec


I can “meet” you at 55b please.

56.7b buyout

Thank you.

Sorry I thought you were someone else bidding haha, I will meet you at 55b then

Oh come on… you have the isk… I need isk :slight_smile: You were so kind with that offer :slight_smile:

I don’t have it ready right now, and I’m at work, but I was prepared to give more isk to secure the toon. Will 55b do?

Well let me know when u will be ready to transfer and if no one offers more until then, we go through.

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57B offer


Well, I am at work and will stay here for another 8h.

When I get home I will sell it to highest bidder.

Thank you.

58.5B offer I may not be online for the next 10 hours

@Mlmct You won. As soon as I log in and see the isk in my account I will initiate the transfer.

ISK has been sent and an email has been sent in the game

when can the transfer start

I am trying to do it now but when I enter your name to the “Transfer to Account” CCP says there is no such account.

Do I need other info to be input there?

Wait a moment

Let me confirm the information

Ah no… my bad… I copied 1 letter less (2ice) :slight_smile: . Is all done now. Thank you.

OK thx