WTB Characters with 5M SP

Looking to spend 3-4B on some, skills not impoartant just for around 5M sp
I will take 3-4 characters
Anyone who are interesting plz contact me.

up up
and anyone interseting plz contact me

Hi this character is for sale SkillQ.net - Arashi Kumo

Hi We’ve talk privately.

Are we still good with that transaction?

can you attach your your character links after this post and use each id confirm the trade

This is confirmed,

I don’t know if this is what you mean.


I’m interested - how much do you pay on average for a 5m SP toon?

just for formal process following the forum’s rules

and each Character I have send 1.5B isk and mail them the account info

Hi Kuroda,

I have received your email in-game but somethings wrong with my PayPal and cannot transfer.

I will just have to renege on this one and return on your ISK.

I think you had my info wrong, I wasn’t selling this account only the other one.

Thanks and My Sincerest Apologies again I have to deal with PayPal.