WTS 5,1m SP Char

feel free to make offers :slight_smile:

sits in HS
positive wallet
no kill rights
no JC’s

Basically near maxed minmatar battleship with near zero Guns and near zero Missiles, with cybernetics IV

4b ?

Disclaimer, i sell this character and go to use the space. then you need wait four hours to send aprox.

make it 4,5 and we’re good :slight_smile:

can you explain what you mean with your disclaimer? i dont understand it

4.2 is my best.

1 ) Each account have three Slots.
2) A transfer use ten hours. I sell this character and stay in my account four hours more.
3 ) I have the other two spaces used.
4 ) in four hours the space is free and you can transfer the character to my account.,

I will got to sleep soon and cant wait 4 hours. How about we wait until tomorrow noon after work and if you are free and there are no other offers, i accept? :slight_smile:

Okey. I sent you now a n email with the toon name i go to use the make the purchase because in four hours i cant enter again.

Good night.

Ok. The auction is still open. If you are the only one until tomorrow, it goes to you. Good night!

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i can do 4.75b b/o

i pass

sounds good, when could you do it?

online for the next hours

isk and ingame mail with the account info sent

I will be home tomorrow morning (CET). The transfer will be the first thing I do. I will post as soon as I make the transfer. Good night!

Sry that it took so long, it’s done :slight_smile:

I hope 19hours of sleep felt awesome :=)

will post again once the char has arrived o7

char arrived save and sound thx for trade