WTS ~5.5m SP Character

Selling this character.
4,259,482 SP + 1,210,000 Unallocated SP

Wallet 5.55mil
No kill rights
No jump clones
Location Jita
3 remaps in total

Price is 5b

4,5b b/o
reason: its not 4.2 + 1.2 its just 4.2 yes ?

It is 4,259,482 SP + 1,210,000 additional unallocated SP so 5,469,482 in total. So would you consider 5b then?


5b b/o yep

Selling to Sir Brackson for 5b. I should get the ISK and the account name now from you to this character and after that I start the transfer, right?


you have ingame mail !

isk transfered


will confirm again when the char is on the account o7

thx mate o7 char received