WTS 64m SP character

Hi quit eve long time ago, didnt know its possible to sell characters. Wanna give it a try:

Character is located in highsec.
Character is in an NPC corp.
Character has a positive wallet balance.
Character has a positive security status.

Lemme know some offers.

Offer 57B
Have you updated your SP in tools4eve site ?
I found it’s 61m SP

he is including unallocated SP.

Also 58b

Total Skillpoints: 61,587,444
Unallocated Skillpoints: 2,474,660
Total Skillpoints: 64,062,104

Whatever I am taking this offer of 59b.

I’m sorry to find another char = =. So sorry…

Well then taking the 58b offer from Limited Liability

you accept the offer?

yes 58b is fine

isk and account details sent

ISK recieved, Character was send right now. Please lemme know when you got it

toon received :slight_smile:

Thanks for fast trade, have a nice day.

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