WTS 5.5m SP (1m unalloc.) Trading character

I’m willing to trade or sell this character. has 3.7m into trading. I prefer to trade it for one that is on the way to exhumer with more SP (I pay difference no more than 5b) or sell starting bid 4b

have 2 bonus remaps

Char is in NPC corp.
Positive wallet.
no kill rights.
no jump clones

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4b offer

for how long? would like to wait if there is another offer.

If you can agree it,I‘ll send isk now

What are the skill point attributes allocated as? Do you have a remap?


you have 2 remaps available so anywere you want.

4.5b offer

deal, send information.

Isk and account name sent

ok working on it. sorry about delay

ISK received and character has been sent.

Character received. Thank you