WTS 5.1m SP Farm Char


I am for sale. I am in NPC corp.

Location: Jita 4-4
Positive Wallet.
No Kill Right.
No Jump Clones.

I pay transfer fee

Starting Bid: 4 bil isk
Buyout 5 bil isk obo

Daily bump, still for sale

You will have a LOT more luck if you finish Cybernetics V and Biology V

Good luck with sale

Thanks for the bump, still for sale.

3.5B will be ok for me

Sure, send ISK and Account details, will start xfer once received

No response, still for sale.

Still for sale thanks for looking

are you still in sale? sorry for response late

Yes I am sorry I was traveling for work.

i am still 4 sale


send isk and account info

has been sent

Transfer started. Thanks