WTS Char- 61.5 Mil SP- 48 Bil SOLD

Want to sell this char-

61.4 Mil SP- Blops/ Cov Ops/ T3C/ Cyno Five/ Basic PI Skills

1.5 Mil Unallocated- Mid Grade Amulet Set- 3 Remaps

-1.5 Sec Status
Positive Wallet
No Killrights
Char Located in Highsec

Contact Gary Bell my main for any info

48 Bil Start/ Buyout of 54 Bil

Skills- SkillQ.net - Bltch pls

My Main if you need to make Contact <<

@Bltch_pls @Gary_Bell

40 B offer

A little to low for me thanks. I can melt it for that :slight_smile:

You can’t.
Even a 70 m sp character barely gives 43 B right now if you extract.
Your character is probably 35 B but anyways, it’s fine to decline the offer as you please.
Just wait and you could get a good offer eventually. :+1:

I’d offer both ur two char for 42B each

Make it 45 each and we can do the deal

Bumpity Bump Bump


45b offer. Isk ready
@Bltch_pls @Gary_Bell

I will be home in 30 mins. We can do the deal then if your around!

Sounds good. Please post from Bltch_pls to confirm and I’ll send the isk and info.

Sorry that toook longer then expected. I will post in just a second from the correct account

Confirming this offer. Please send isk and account information to this char, and I will start the transfer! Thanks!

No problem at all regarding the delay. ISK and account name sent @Bltch_pls @Gary_Bell