(SOLD) WTS Char 3.32 mil sp + 1.72 mil unallocated sp

B/O= 5b

Proof of skillpoint: Kada Udan Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

In an NPC corporation: State War Academy

Kada Udan - Skin

Wallet balance: 3600 isk

Kill rights: No

Jump clones: No

Character location: In a station named Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant :slight_smile:

3.5 bill

To low @Doomsday_Jay

Any idea how much you want I might be interested in it

The buy order is 5b @grimaxemorpher

4 bill





r u accepted the one offering 4B or not?
So, r u stilling selling for 5B B/O?

@MARK_CHU i dont accept the one give 4b.
I will say 4.5b can be acceptable.

4.5 b b/o

@Synology_Enderas ← Offer accept.
Send isk and email ingame and i will start the transfert.

The isk and account have been sent.

@Synology_Enderas - I received the isk as we agree, now the account transfer as begun.

eve paid

Sorry if you had to wait. We are probably on different time zone. Fly safe.

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