(SLOD) WTS Char 3.3mil sp + 1.6mil unallocated sp

B/O= 6b
Minimum = 4.5b

Proof of skillpoint:
Annei Liu Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

In an NPC corporation: Pator Tech School

Annei Liu - Skin

Wallet balance: 75000 isk

Kill rights: No

Jump clones: No

Character location: In a station named Ryddinjorn VI - Air Laboratories - Minmatar Republic

4b B/O can pay now

@Felmyst offer more. I will not sale at 4b. thx


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4bil and 1 ISK

ok,4.5b :grinning:

@Cyber_God Yes its me, i have multiple account to sell.





4.5b B/O

@Orryx - I was out for work, i just came back. If you still want to buy i sell to you.

Yes, let’s get started

isk sent with account name please confirm

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@Orryx - I received the isk and your account name - Starting the process :+1:

@Orryx - The char transfert as begin. You should have the new char soon. Thanks

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