WTS 9.9 mil SP research/industry character

I am selling this character.:

9.9 million sp, mostly research/industry skills


Selling for 8 billion isk
parked in highsec
no kill rights
I will pay transfer fees
Wallet is 5 million isk
very new at this, not sure how to proceed

just need to disclose the wallet and you’ll be good to go.

Thanks, my first time selling a character

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BO offer 5bil. Late here but if accepted will transfer ISK Sunday.

I’ll accept 6 bil. Thanks for reply.

BO of 6 bill offered. ISK Sent and mails sent with account information. Please confirm receipt and when character transfer started. Thank you

Sorry new at this. What is BO? how do i proceed from here?

BO is short for buyout. You stated you would accept 6 bil ISK. I have agreed to that price. I have sent the ISK to the character as per Character Bazaar rules.

Please confirm ISK received and the mail I sent with the account name to transfer too. Please do not write the account name in public forum(s).

Once confirmed send ISK to your pilot of choice and start the character transfer process. Confirm here once commenced.

Sorry for using an abbreviation and hope this helps. Transfer usually takes 8 hours after you initiate

The character transfer process has been paid for and has started! Thanks again.

Thank you.

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