(SOLD) WTS Char 3.3mil sp + 1.6mil unallocated sp

Proof of skillpoint: Essin Liu Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

In an NPC corporation: Pator Tech School

Essin Liu

Wallet balance: 3500 isk

Kill rights: No

Jump clones: No

Character location: In a station named Ryddinjorn VI - Air Laboratories - Minmatar Republic

3 Bil B/O can pay now

B/O 3.5 Bil can pay now

offer over 4b will win

4b B/O can pay now

accept @KariGun , send mail and isk :slight_smile:

I’m at work, I’ll transfer the claims within 10 hours

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If this falls through, please contact me I have the 4B ready

If you want to buy, send me your email for the tranfert and the isk. Here its 22h32 pm so tomorow i will follow up if you send me the information.

I can Do 4 Bil right now

Sent you a mail

Isk now sent to Essin Liu account, awaiting transfer -----> Thank you!!

Thanks @Cyber_God , i received the isk and account info. Starting the process.

@Cyber_God , i paid for the tranfert, you should get the char soon. thx

Pilot received…thank you!

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