WTS this mixed use char- 61.7 Mil SP- SOLD

Want to sell this char-

61.4 Mil SP- Blops/ Cov Ops/ T3C/ Cyno Five/ Basic PI Skills

1.6 Mil Unallocated- Mid Grade Amulet Set- 3 Remaps

-1.5 Sec Status
Positive Wallet
No Killrights
Char Located in Highsec

Contact Gary Bell my main for any info

48 Bil Start/ Buyout of 54 Bil

Skills- SkillQ.net - Zoe Triglav

This is my main for contact :stuck_out_tongue:

48b offer

Bumpity Bump a ROO

What about my 48b :melting_face:

Make it 50 and we can start the trade after DT?

50 it is.

Will log in and send isk and account info.

Isk and account info sent.

Poke Resend mail, please… Was cleaning account and deleted it by mistake

Sent the isk to Zoe Triglav, account name is in the 50b transfer.