WTS old Char only 29 mil skills PvP


Wallet is 1 mil
I pay the transfer
Isk to me Keiler
BO is 27 bil isk
StatusNo Killrights /
Positive Sec Status

According to skillsheet you are not in an NPC corp. If you have not dropped, you need to do so


i dit drop

15 bill

Thx for the ofers but its to low.

Its extraction value.
Don’t think you will sell it higher.
Offer is 16 bil.

i take 22

Hi, Ill Give you 18b Got the Isk Ready !

22 B Isk

Best i can do is 18B, and I have isk ready now for you. ill be on for another 30m if you change your mind…

Sorry no thx

20 bil

oke i do it .
Hive me today. i have to get the transfer right.

oke i need the accountname
and the ISK to keiler pls

sent you in game message

another message in game

don’t post account names on the forums… you sent a message, give him time to respond… he may not be available.

ya i gave him the toon name by accident

I have transfer Keiler to you.

Thx and fly save