SOLD pls delete

In Jita. Pos wallet. NPC corp.Good KB.No kill rights .No wasted SP.All CCP rules apply.
PvP,PvE char.Can fly almost every subcap ship.Perfect precursors skills etc…check skills

Buyout 120Bil

105bils offer ,nice char and good luck

107,5 billion :slight_smile:

110BILs offer

112,5 bils


ok i want this. 120 billion :slight_smile:

He’s a rellay nice char, but i can’t afford more, you win.

Aston Kotzebue if u still interested send me isk and and i begin transfer.Im online now

tryed to write to you ingame for details :slight_smile:

Isk sent

i received isk and begin transfer asap

Email recived of char transfer. Thank you :slight_smile:

Thxfor isk,enjoy the char

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