WTS 119M sp Character

No kill rights
Character in NPC corporation
positive wallet.
+4.9 security status
character in Odixie
Starting: 80B

Comes with high grade crystals and 2 jump clones 1 with mid grade crystals and 1 with mid grade nirvana


bid 80b

92b isk

92 seems fair

upping my offer to 93b

93b available now.

94b offer

I will sell to the top bidder at downtime today, currently that is FUNNY LOL

94.5b offer

95b offer

96b offer

97b offer

100b offer

101b offer

Offer accepted thanks FUNNY LOL

Good,after the downtime, the ISK and the message will be sent.

great I will confirm and do the transfer

ISK and information sent

received thanks initiating transfer

Transfer has been executed