Alt sold

10 research slots and 5 manufacturing slots with many supporting skills, 3.2 million total SP in science and industry, stuff like advanced ship construction and many science/invention skills. Also have all the relevant engineering and rigging skills needed for production.

1.4 million SP in PI skills. 1 million SP in navigation, 0.85 million SP in engineering, 0.6 million SP in scanning and hacking, 0.6 million in spaceship command, and 0.5 million SP in armor and shields.

Overall, a good generalist for resource gathering and industry. Located in highsec, no kill rights, positive wallet, positive security status.

I’ll pay the character transfer fee. 5 billion ISK, or best offer.

edit: eveboard

Can you link his eveboard please?


Here you go:

i offer 4B, i hope for a quick answer, so i send the details

5b b/o

Somebody ingame has offered me 6B.


still for sale ? or gone ?

@Wei_Qing would you please provide toon status, i need to sort prioroties. Thanks

Still available, corpmate has offered 6 bil, please bid 6.5 bil or more if you are interested

6.1B wont count ?

Sorry, he gets a little preference because he is corpmate

ok, 6.5B, if transfer takes place now.

Corpmate bids 6.5B, that is his final offer, can you do a solid 7B? I must spend an hour moving assets and stuff regardless, but then I will transfer him.

sorry, ill withdraw, 7b is abit much, since there is no even skill remaps.
ping me if you didnt sell. cheers

No worries, if it falls through I’ll let you know, cheers

i think he should bid here, or make it private. for future reference. enjoy

OK, I understand.

in other thoughts, ill bid 7B

Okay, I accept 7B. Auction closed.