WTS 20.6m SP Utility Alt

Password is 123

Minmatar, Caldari, Gallente Cruiser 5 - Caldari Frigate and Destroyer 5
T2 Medium Hybrid, Projectile and Heavy Missiles
Good support skills, Propulsion Jamming 5, Energy Grid Upgrades 5, Weapon Upgrades 5 etc

3 Remaps available, full set of +3s located in Jita, no killrights etc

Start 18b
22b B/O

well bro. I can’t see the link.

You’ve put the additional password protection on. No one can see your link.

123 worked for me

Added password to OP


I’d like to buy it. I’m okay for 21b if you can agree selling it to me right now.

You can answer me here or in game.

Thank you.

22B/O. I can be paid at any time.

22.5b B/O


Accepted send isk and account name to me

I give up.

I got something wrong

Still for sale then I guess

you accept my B/O for 22b ?

sure send isk and account info

On what character shall i send isk and acc info ?

this character

transfer started

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