WTS 133m SP PVP/PVE toon


133m SP
Caldari Destroyer, Tactical Destroyer, Cruiser, Battlecruiser and Battleship: level 5
Minmatar Frigate, Destroyer, Tactical Destroyer, Cruiser, Strategic Cruiser, Battlecruiser and Battleship: level 5
Electronic Attack Ship, Logistics Cruise, Recon Ship, Covert Ops, Heavy Assault Ship: Level 5
Most projectile and Missile skills at level 5
Books have been injected for Minmatar & Caldari Dread, Carrier and Fighter skills.

Positive sec status
Several jump clones with decent implants all in high sec.
Located in Hek

Looking for 130b or best offer.

100B ISK

Its a good start. I am willing to come down but still need more that 100b.

103 B offer ISK ready

105 bil

105.5 B offer

106 bil

107 B B/O Isk Ready

109 B offer

109b is a good offer. I’m looking to get a little bit more. Let’s see what happens in the next 24 hours. I.

If you will do 110b lets get this transfer going.

What’s with these people posting and deleting their bids?
I know Elsa Krupp is fine but the other who seemed to really want the toon now deleted their bid. Seems sus even if it’s not in reality.
In that case, I’ll go with 107 B again. Let’s get the transfer started.

Withdrawing their bids I guess. Found another toon? Would you do your 109b bid?

107 B is a good offer. Let’s do this.

Well I was hoping for closer to 115b but I need the slot open as I am downsizing accounts because of RL reasons. I guess 107b works.

Alright, sending ISK and account info

ok great. I am online now.

It says you are not allowed to contact him. You must have blocked me in-game xD

Stand by

Account info and ISK sent