WTS 92 ml Sp Caldari gunnery/missiles perfect 69.5 bil b/o


Yo! Come closer and check my toon out!

  • Gunnery and missiles perfect!!
  • Caldari Battlecruiser V
  • Caldari cruiser V

Character is moved into high sec, joined npc corp, wallet and sec.status green, no kill rights, no assets. 2 Jump clones available.

Give me your bids, I accept the one I find appropriate

Not sure where you want to start, so ill kick it off with 70b

Thank you for starting the auction.

Current highest bid: 70 bil

I give it a thought and come to decision that 70 bil suits me, so I am happy to accept your bid.

you are ready for a deal now?

No answer for so long, it is not serious, I should put it for sale again

daily bump, 70 bil b/o

I’ll go 70 bil.

70 bil b/o accepted. You should send me isk and the account name (login) to where you want transfer to be done.

Offer retracted, my apologies for the inconvenience.

Still for sale, 70 bil b/o

b/o reduced: 69.5 bil

67 b/o isk ready

69.5 b/o…offered …conditions in eve mail though

ok deal. Palatine, send me isk and acc details.

isk sent sending account details

account details sent

Thank you! I will initiate transfer, enjoy the toon!

need you to confirm you started the transfer …i dont see a receipt in my manager page

i will be contacting ccp tomorrow if the charachter is not initiated by tomorrow…

you said you were going to do it right away but has not happened …3 hours passed so i guess there is a problem