WTS 34.5m sp 1.5m unallocated

Starting: 27b
All rules apply
Large projectile 5
Large energy 5
small energy 5
small projectile 5
medium energy 5
medium projectile 5
heavy misiles 5
amarr frigate/cruiser/battlecruiser 5
minmatar cruiser/battlecruiser 5
Gallente battlecruiser 5




20 bil

looking for at least 7b more

i doubt you’ll get it… my max offer is 23 bil. otherwise, good luck waiting.

funny how you say all rules apply, yet you didn’t follow any of the rules and posted what you are supposed to post in the first post.

also, yes trix is a troll account… starting bid is an acceptable starting bid.

@Jerry_Falcone <-- this idiot needs to be reported. he’s spamming the char bazaar board with useless comments and not real offers. sending a ticket to CCP now.

Yea well extraction price is 24b so yes i will get more than 23b offers.

real bids welcome

25.5b bid


i can do 27b if we trade today lmk

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New buyout price 28b


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if no one buy for 28 it will be sold to XDededX for 27 today

27 acepted since there are no bigger offer today

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since there is no answer bid continues