WTS 52mil SP Carrier/ Marauder/ T3/ Magic 14 character

WTS 52mil SP character
General skills for all ships done.
Can fly Minmatar carrier lvl 4 with T2 light and heavy fighters. Gallente carrier skill injected
T3 tengu at lvl 4, loki ready in 3 hours.
Amar t2 frigates, interdictor, t3d also, caldari and minmatar cruiser 5.
Rorqual can be undocked in 2-3 days.
+5 implants

character is in c4 WH corp, can be moved anywhere upon arrangement.

bid start 30b, BO 45

30 bil anyone?

I would totally take him for 30bil, but i am missing the ISK right now.
Maybe i can take him in a few days.

30B b/o sending isk and account. Please confirm thanks

@Galanodels in 24 hours yours if no higher bid. thank you for understanding :slight_smile:

do i hear 31b from the texan in the corner?

did you drop corp yet? I’ll do the 31b if you close deal now. Btw I am the Texan in the corner :slight_smile:


if you want to continue in C4 with c3 and c5 static in this corp, which is very ok. i have multiple ships and equipment ready to go. all valued at 3.4 bil

Sold for 31Bil to the texan in the corner. transfer will be tomorrow.

topic closed

Ok will send isk and account info.

isk and info sent. Thanks

Any updates on transfer? Thanks

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