WTS 52mil SP Carrier/ Marauder/ T3/ Magic 14 character/Amarr+SOE Missions


WTS 52mil SP character

General skills for all ships done.
Paladin Pilot
Can fly Minmatar carrier lvl 4 with T2 light and heavy fighters. Gallente carrier skill injected
T3 tengu at lvl 4, loki ready in 3 hours.
Amar t2 frigates, Interdictor, t3d also, Caldari and Minmatar cruiser 5.
Rorqual can be undocked in 2-3 days.

Set of +5 implants

character is in HS in NPC corp,
positive wallet all ccp rules apply

bid start 45b Fast B/O 55b

Traindriver is something is missing please let me know just locking it is not super helpful :slight_smile:

36bil buy out. isk in hand

Looks fine, all you had to was flag your original post.

They link the rules which has specific instructions on what needs to be on here.

In Future, do not recreate a locked post please :wink:

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38b :slight_smile:

39b b/o on for next couple hours




give it a rest with the .1 its dumb

i offer 40b :slight_smile:

41 bil

42B B/O

Pisi Blonda 42.5


43.5 b/o

bump appreciate offers so far


45B B/O

getting closer to a deal here

50b b/o