WTS 144mil Sp Super pilot

WTS my self a 144mil SP pilot
CAPITAL 5 Minmatar carrier 5, perfect Hel pilot. I can do reactions and Industry at a veery good level.
I can do Rorqual mining, ratting and of course PVP
Positive wallet
No kill rights
NPC corp
Located at Jita system
2 sets of clones one with foul set of High Grade Nirvana and one with +5 and industry implant both located at Jita system
Lets start the auction from 90bil

Do you have a buy out price?

Yes sir. 120 bil


110 and we have a deal?

Okay 110 bil agreed

It’s a deal. I can do the transfer in about 5 hours. Is it ok with you?

Yes I will send isk just now and the account name to transfer to in a in-game mail

Isk sent and details for transfer

Isk and account info received. I will make the transfer in about 5 hours.
Thank you sir

Sounds good thanks

Transfer Complete!
Thank you sir

Thank you a nice smooth transaction

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