WTS 133Mil SP PVP Beast


Nice Killboard, this toon is focused only on killing https://zkillboard.com/character/93243903/
Ready to drop some big and tasty things https://zkillboard.com/kill/63663831/

Subcup Ships:
Gallente/Minmatar/Caldari/Amarr Frigate V
Gallente/Minmatar/Caldari/Amarr Destroyer V
Gallente/Minmatar/Caldari/Amarr Cruiser V
Gallente/Minmatar/Caldari/Amarr Battlecruiser V
Gallente/Minmatar/Caldari/Amarr Battleship V

Subcap Weapons:
Laser/Hybrid/Projectile Small Weapons V
Laser/Hybrid/Projectile Medium Weapons V
Laser/Hybrid/Projectile Large Weapons V
Rockets/Light Missiles/Assault Missiles/Heavy Missiles/Torpedoes/Cruise Missiles V
Small/Medium/Heavy/Sentry Drones V
Smartbombs V
All Support skills on Gunnery/Missiles/Drones V

Capital Ships:
Jump Drive Calibration V
Phoenix/Siege/XL Torpedoes V
Nyx/Heavy Fighters V
Can fly any Dreadnought in IV
Can fly any Carrier in IV

Also Important:
Thermodynamics/Nanite Interfacing V
Cybernetics/Biology/Neurotoxin Control/Neurotoxin Recovery V
All Subsystems on All Tech3 Cruisers V
Nice Utility Skills

Character located in HighSec
Positive Wallet
Security Status -1.5 (You still can fly anywhere without any restrictions)
Unallocated SP 300.000
Ready to Remap
1 Bonus Remap
Have Improved set Clone (+5)


Starting Bid 125b


127bill possibly

135bil buy out

offer close in 5hours


I was sleeping at this time. At this time I had 3am.
I’m not hurry anywhere, i have a few days, but thanks for offer

what is your b/o?

It’s a secret)
If i don’t see this price i just sell on biggest offered price after few days

135b ok?

136 Billion ISK right here!

It’s time to sell it, and you give me a biggest offer
If you ready - Send me ISK and Account info, and i will initiate transfer process

Alright I will log in and get the ISK and account info sent to you!

ISK and account info have been sent to you! Thank you for your time and it was great doing business with you!

Thank you too. Transfering process is initiated.

Email confirmed!

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