WTS 140m sp Combat Pvp/Pve Focused Pilot

(Caldicott) #1

WTS 140m sp character: Caldicott

All Frigs V, Destroyers V, Cruisers V, Battlecruisers V, Battleships V
Command Ships V
Marauders V
Heavy Assault Ships V
Logistics Cruisers V
Recon V
Heavy Interdiction Cruisers V
Interceptors V
Assault Frigates V
All Tactical Destroyer V
All Amarr/Minmatar/Caldari Subsystems 5 (All Gallente except for electronics V)
Gallente Carrier V, Gallente Dreadnought IV
Amar/Minmatar Carrier/Dreadnought IV

-Positive ISK wallet
-Character located in Jita 4-4
-No kill rights
-No Jump Clones
-Good Standings (Fly Anywhere)

Bids Welcome

B/O: 130B

(FrostyJack) #2

110 b/o?

(Maizie Fields) #3

120 bil

(Gattanera) #4

122 bil

(Caldicott) #5


Gonna let this go a couple hours more and then highest bid wins.

(Caldicott) #6

Congrats you are the winner! Send me the isk and info then I will begin the transfer. :smiley:

(Gattanera) #7

OK. Sending now

(Gattanera) #8

All done. ISK and acc info sent

(Caldicott) #9

Confirming isk and info received. Character transfer has been paid for and started.

(system) #10

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