WTS Rorq/VNI Pilot 24m SP

I’m for sale.

Positive Wallet.
Located in high-sec.
No kill rights.
+4 implants currently in head
2 bonus remaps
261k unallocated sp


Can use T2 industrial core
Can use panic
Cybernetics V
Can use Excavators (Mining drone spec IV)
Can use all T2 combat drones except sentries
As of this post, 3 days from Gallente Cruiser V

Bids starting at 23b
Buyout 26b

20 bil

21 bil.

23 bill

Thanks for the bid. In 24 hours, I will close with this being the highest bid.

Posting a 24 bil

I do the 26 Bill BuyOut. ISK rdy

Buyout accepted. Send Isk and account info separately to me and I will start the transfer.

isk and account name sent.


Isk and account info received. Ticket placed to start the transfer process.

No update on transfer ticket. I have asked for an update on the ticket.

At least, Finally after 5 Days: Charackter Recieved! :slight_smile:
This Time CCP was rly slow :confused:

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